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A history of tradition, quality and design.

Founded in São Paulo in 1976, St. James is to this day the most respected manufacturer of silver plated hollowware in Brazil. In 1978 the company began exporting its products to Europe and the USA.

At the time of its foundation, St. James offered a fresh new approach to silverware, introducing products with sober designs and clean lines in a market that was dominated by ornate, old-fashioned styles. St. James quickly became a leader in the Brazilian and international luxury tabletop markets. Ever since its foundation the company has been investing in design and manufacturing innovative products.

A strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has been key to the success of the company from its early days, even in the world’s most demanding markets.

In its factory in São Paulo, St. James products are made by the hands of skilled craftsmen, who give shape to the metal using a combination of art and technology. The silver used in the plating process is hardened and pre-brightened, providing easier maintenance and higher durability. Each step of the manufacturing process iscarefully monitored to guarantee the highest quality of the final product.

In a world where most products are meant to be quickly replaced, St. James products offer a rare proposal,giving those who use them, the right to believe they will last forever.