We believe in the power of beauty to cheer up our surroundings and lift up our spirits. The St. James Décor line is made up of Vases, Centerpieces, Trays, Boxes, Bowls and Candlestick, among other products, created with the aim of bringing luxury, the beauty of the curves and the shine of the metal to the many environments of the home. Our mix is comprised of our own designs, as well as pieces created by renowned designers, always imbued with the attributes that make St. James a brand of desire. 


Serving with elegance has always been one of the great inspiring themes for St. James’ creations. Not by accident our products have been present in the best bridal registries and the most luxurious Brazilian tables for over four decades. Our tabletop lines include trays, pitchers, coolers, tea and coffee sets, charger plates, cake stands, serving dishes and chafing dishes, among other products, essential for the most exclusive entertaining experience. 


St. James flatware is the perfect combination of quality and design. Exceeding the world’s most demanding quality standards, our wide selection of models ranging from classic to modern will certainly enhance every dining experience, be it formal or casual. 

Crafted using top quality 18/10 stainless steel, St. James flatware looks great, feels great and is built to last a lifetime. In its silver-plated version, the application of a thick layer of hardened, pre-brightened silver, guarantees the greater shine and luster of St. James flatware over time. 



When setting a beautiful table, details matter and the choice of the perfect flatware is key. My St. James flatware is available in a variety of patterns and set configurations that will bring your table alive. With pieces for all occasions, that are versatile and timeless, you will certainly find a pattern to call your own. 

Made of premium quality stainless steel, My St. James flatware is affordable, yet beautiful and durable. With the proper use and care, it is guaranteed to last for years to come. 


A breakfast in bed, a Sunday brunch, a dinner with friends, or even in the rush of everyday life, each meal should be a pleasant, unique experience. It was with this in mind that St. James created the St. James Casual flatware line. 

Manufactured with premium quality stainless steel, St. James Casual flatware combines design, functionality and quality, and suits perfectly the demands of modern life. 


For over four decades, St. James has been serving the luxury hospitality and food service markets in Brazil and abroad. Through serious, reliable work, St. James has earned the trust of many customers, becoming their preferred supplier and partner in long-term relationships. 

The St. James hotelware line, like everything we do, is built to last. The silver used in the plating process is hardened and pre-brightened, which guarantees easier maintenance and greater durability. St. James’ strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is a key factor in the company’s success, even in the most demanding markets in the world. 

St. James also has an efficient product development department, which works closely with customers to develop special projects and meet specific needs, quickly and at affordable costs.