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General Care:

  • Whenever necessary, wash your pieces with warm water and apply neutral detergent with a soft sponge;  
  • Never use abrasive products or steel wool for cleaning or polishing;  
  • Do not wash in the dish washer; /span> 
  • Avoid long contact of the metal with food or other aggressive residues;  
  • Never leave the pieces wet for long periods of time, as water may cause staining. After washing, immediately dry your product with a soft cloth;  
  • In coastal cities, avoid letting salt air rest on the surface of the metal for long periods of time. We recommend a simple wash with water and neutral detergent whenever necessary. 


Silver has incomparable shine and beauty, which has made it one of the main raw materials in the manufacturing of jewelry and decorative objects since ancient times. Silver, however, has a natural tendency to oxidize in the presence of sulfides in the air. Over time, it is natural for silver objects to tarnish and thus, need to be cleaned properly. When this occurs, follow the recommendations below: 

  • Frist make sure that the piece is clean and free of solid residues; 
  • Mix one can of Silvo in 1L of alcohol 96o; 
  • Add 1 tablespoon of ammonia to the mixture; 
  • Dampen a soft flannel in the mixture and gently rub it over the surface of the piece in unidirectional movements;  
  • Use a soft, dry flannel to wipe off the mixture from the piece; 
  • If needed, wash the piece with warm water and neutral detergent and dry it immediately.  

* We recommend this final wash for all pieces that come into contact with food and drinks  

For a tutorial on how to clean your St. James silver plated pieces, watch the video on the side. 


Nickel plated pieces do not tarnish on exposure to air, but may stain in prolonged contact with water and other residues. We recommend frequent cleaning with a soft, damp flannel and should there be a slight darkening of the piece, clean with alcohol 96o. Whenever necessary, wash according to the instructions above. 


Copper, 24K Gold, Gold Touch, Graphite, Plum and Olive

Pieces with the above finishes, receive a layer of protective coating and should not be polished, for abrasive products may remove the coating. Cleaning should only be done with a soft cloth dampened with water or alcohol. Whenever necessary, wash according to the instructions above. 


St. James flatware is manufactured to the highest quality standards and if well taken care of, can last a lifetime. However, even the highest quality flatware can be damaged if used improperly. To ensure the maximum durability of your St. James flatware, observe the following recommendations: 
  • Do not soak your flatware. Prolonged contact with water can cause stains and corrosion spots;
  • Wash the flatware immediately after use and dry it immediately after washing;
  • Avoid prolonged contact with aggressive substances such as salt, eggs, mayonnaise, mustard, vinegar, lemon, tea, coffee and other food residues;
  • When washing by hand, always use the soft side of the sponge and wash with neutral detergent in warm water;
  • Never use the rough side of the sponge or steel wool, which cause scratches on the surface of the flatware;
  • Dry immediately with a soft cloth;
  • St. James stainless steel flatware (*) can be washed in the dishwasher, observing the following precautions:
      • Remove food residues with water before placing the flatware in the dishwasher;
      • Never use detergents containing chlorine and / or citrus additives such as lemon or orange;
      • Avoid overfilling the flatware baskets in the dishwasher to allow for good circulation of water and detergent;
      • Place the flatware in the dishwasher with the handles facing downwards;
      • Remove the flatware from the dishwasher before the drying cycle and dry it by hand with a soft cloth immediately after washing;
    (*) Silver and gold plated flatware should not be washed in the dishwasher.
  • Polishing:
    • aily use of your silver plated flatware will delay the natural oxidation process of silver, however, if tarnishing occurs, clean your flatware as indicated in the Product Care – Silver section. Then rinse your flatware with warm water and dry it immediately;
    • Stainless steel flatware will hardly need to be polished. However, if scratching, staining or loss of shine occur due to continuous use and washing, your flatware can be polished and its shine restored with the use of stainless steel polishing paste, applied with a soft cloth. After the application, remove the paste with a clean, soft cloth, wash and dry your flatware as indicated above;
    • Talheres de aço inox dificilmente necessitarão ser polidos. No entanto, caso ocorram riscos, manchas ou perda de brilho por conta do uso e lavagens contínuas, pode-se limpar e recuperar o brilho dos talheres com produtos específicos para o polimento de aço inox, aplicados com pano macio. Após a aplicação, remova o produto com um pano macio limpo, lave e seque seus talheres conforme indicado acima;
    • Do not use silver polish on your St. James stainless steel flatware;
    • Gold plated flatware should never be polished, as abrasive substances will remove the gold from the flatware.



St. James vases and centerpieces are handcrafted by skilled artisans, using noble raw materials and carefully finished.  

In order for your vases and centerpieces to be properly enjoyed, and maintain their beautiful appearance over time, observe the following the precautions:  

  • When setting up floral arrangements in your pieces, make sure to cover the whole inside of the piece with cellophane or plastic lining to avoid direct contact of water, earth, foam, moss or other substances with the metal; 
  • Whenever watering the flowers, make sure the water doesn’t leak out between the metal and the plastic lining;  
  • General care for your vases and centerpieces should be done according to the instructions above for each finish.   

For a tutorial on how to set up flower arrangements in your St. James vases and centerpieces, watch the video on the side. 

LIMITED WARRANTY (valid only in Brazil)

All St. James products are warranted against defects in raw materials and workmanship.
To validate the factory warranty, register at 

All silver and gold plated St. James flatware are accompanied by a unique authenticity code, which guarantees that the plating is St. James original. This code needs to be informed when activating the warranty. 

If any piece is defective, access and report the problem in the proper field. Proof of purchase must be sent to 

After a technical examination, St. James will, at its option, repair the problem or replace the defective item, at no charge. If the model in question is no longer available, a similar model will be used as replacement.  

This warranty does not cover natural wear of the products and/or non-observation of the recommended care instructions.  

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